The Forever and One Fay

What can I do?
Will I be getting through?
Now that I must try to leave it all behind
Did you see what you have done to me?
So hard to justify
Slowly it’s passing by

Here I am
Seeing you once again
My mind’s so far away
My heart’s so close to stay
Too proud to fight
I’m walking back into night
Will I ever find someone to believe?

Forever and one I will miss you
However, I kiss you yet again
Way down in Neverland
So hard I was trying
Tomorrow I’ll still be crying
How could you hide your lies
Your lies

In memoriam of our Fay. Entah mengapa lagu ini tiba-tiba berdengung terus di kepala saya semenjak kepergian Nabil Fayyad Rabbani. One of my favorite songs. Was. One of my favorite nephews. Was.

Dear Fay,  forever and one I will miss you. How ever I’ll kiss u yet again.

Farewell our beloved Nabil Fayyad Rabbani (22 Juli 2010 – 20 September 2010).

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