The Reasons are …

Tadi waktu surfing² buat nyari gambar Jacob dan Edward pesanan seseorang, akhirnya daku menemukan sebuah tulisan yang lucu banggeedd… Mayan lah, silahkan dinikmati! ^__^

10 Reasons I’m on Team Jacob

  1. Taylor Lautner is hot. Have you seen those abs?
  2. Werewolves are warm and cuddly and make better huggers than vampires.
  3. If Bella lived in the Philippines, she’d have to stick to the status quo and name her kid by combining her name with her husband’s. Jacobella sounds girly and princess-y (like Cinderella). Belledward just sounds weird.
  4. It makes sense to be friends first: you have to be friends with someone before you can see him in a romantic light. You can’t just stare at each from across the cafeteria and go, “Okay, that’s it, I’mma run off into the woods with you now, yo.”
  5. There’s so much fun you can have with the word “werewolf.” For example, a werewolf who is MIA is a nowherewolf, while a werewolf who always brushes up on his current affairs is an awarewolf. You also have tupperwarewolf (a werewolf who pretends to be nice to you but talks about you behind your back), softwarewolf (a computer geek werewolf), and nothingtowearwolf (a werewolf who needs to go shopping). Can you do that with “vampire?” I THINK NOT.
  6. Taylor Lautner is super hot. I bet the sun has to put on shades when he’s around—that’s how hot he is.
  7. In 1853, there was a battle between one werewolf and a dozen vampires. The werewolf ripped the twelve vampires to shreds in five minutes, then went off to hunt for more vampires because he was still totally feeling the vibe. How cool is that? (Okay, I completely made that up.)
  8. With vampire books and movies popping up everywhere (i.e., The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Cirque du Freak, etc.) so many people are falling in love with them. Therefore, if you fall in love with a werewolf, you’re a non-conformist. You’re unique. You’re badass, baby.
  9. Also, do you really want a boyfriend who sparkles? You’d be wearing one of your new glittery sequined tops, or a major piece of bling that cost you a fortune, and you’d be fishing for compliments from people around you, and they’d just be like, “Dude, what? I’m sorry, your boyfriend’s diamond skin is blinding my entire being.” It’ll be bad for your self-esteem, I tell you.
  10. Taylor Lautner is really, really, REALLY hot. (I just feel like this has to be said in this blog entry more than once.)

Big hugs,

PS: Dino Imperial strongly disagrees. He says, like this is a bad thing, “You just like him ’cause he has abs!” Well, yeah… and?

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