2014 Bucket List Challenge

Selain tantangan membaca, pengen ikutan 2014 bucket list challenge juga. Itu maksudnya hal-hal yang ingin dilakukan selama tahun 2014 ini. Seru kali ya? Tadi gabung di web bucketlist dan dapat link akun di http://bucketlist.org. Gabung juga yuk! Trus follow me eaaa. I’ll follow you too 😀

Jadi, hal-hal yang ingin saya lakukan atau capai di tahun ini adalah :

  1. Create and maintain a blog about all my bucket list experiences
  2. Create and maintain a youtube account for movie thrillers
  3. Learn the art of reading Koran
  4. Training to run 10 km (C25K first)
  5. Learn to Swim
  6. Learn to knit and make a scarf or more
  7. Learn to play Harmonica
  8. Take pictures with him every day we met in year 2014
  9. Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day
  10. ‘Unplug’ for a week
  11. Attend Kartini Jungle Survival 2014
  12. Hike up Mt. Gede – Pangrango
  13. Hike up to Ranu Kumbolo on May 2014
  14. Go to Nusra Island and hike up Mt.Rinjani or Mt.Kelimutu 
  15. Pregnant at 2014 and have a health baby at 2015
  16. Adds weight to be 50 kg
  17. Be a SM
  18. Learn to ride scooter
  19. Get car driver’s license
  20. Attend 10 days Vipassana
  21. Read 48 books for my 2014 Reading Challenge

Cukup deh 20 aktifitas ini dulu. Moga the bucket list of 2014-nya bisa beres semua eaaaa… 😀

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